Swedish Foundrymen Association

Sveriges Gjuteritekniska Förening (SGF)

Swedish Foundrymen Association shall be the leading association in Sweden for persons employed in the Swedish foundry industry, at suppliers to this industry and at companies using castings.

SGF has more  than 1000 members. The association is lead by a Main Committee with eight members and three deputies. All the three local departments are represented with two members each.

SGF has an employed Secretary leading the Secretary office (VL).

The Main committee elect among their members an Executive Committee (VU). Members in this is the President, the Vice President, one person from the Main Committé, the Secretary and one further member.


The objective of the association shall be:

   *     to contribute to a competetive and profitable Swedish foundry industry
   *     to a casting information exchange between the members of the Association
   *     a network between persons working in the foundry industry
   *     a continuously increasing competence in the foundry technology field among the members


    The activities of the association shall be directed towards:

    *    information concerning the Swedish foundry industry via the magazine GJUTERIET
    *    meetings combined with lectures in the foundry technology field
    *    educational courses in the foundry technology field
    *    study visits in Swedish foundries and foundries abroad, at supplying companies and at companies using castings

Activity plan

    *    By information concerning the activities of the Association and similar measures shall be tried to increase the number of active members
    *    The activities of the Association shall be financed by member fees and by advertising revenues in connection with courses and congresses
    *    As information media of the Association shall preferably the magazine GJUTERIET be used
    *    The Association shall arrange conferences and every year an annual congress. At the conferences and the annual congress shall be given information concerning news in the foundry technology field
    *    The Association and/or the local departments shall arrange study visits at and study tours to foundries, supplying companies and/or companies using castings
    *    The Association shall economically support different competence increasing activities by using the consolidated funds which are administered by the Association